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David & Toni were married in 1996, joining talents that neither of them could foresee at the time. David was well on his way to investing a career in Michelin and Toni crawled under a vehicle to change oil one day and poured a colorful, beautifully scented and packaged candle the next. She is invaluable to David and he will never know how he got so lucky! 

In 2005, Pebbles was born and soon became a beloved part of the family. Pebbles is a respectable citizen, complete with a strong political opinion but knows better than to discuss politics in public. If you visit H&P Hardwoods, she may ask you to toss a ball for her to fetch or bring you her bag of treats hoping you will give in to those big brown eyes. Pebbles is as much a part of H&P as the wood grain found in hundreds of pieces of lumber throughout the wood shop. 

Once a year the three take a break from life as they know it at home and make the thirteen hour drive to Priest Gulch campground in Colorado where hard work and relaxation meet. David and his bow spend the month scaling the side of a mountain seeking out one of the most elusive animals in the nation—Elk. Toni and Pebbles gather firewood and keep food on the table for the hunters. This annual trip is the lifeblood that keeps David going and only that place where the soul and bone meet will ever truly understand what keeps him out on a rugged and unforgiving mountain from 4am until dark all season long. 

When the two are not covered in sawdust, working cattle, or elk hunting, they are helping others. Toni is on speed dial for many of her family, friends, and neighbors and has been known to drop everything for someone in need, no matter the circumstances. The two are faithful supporters of the Csara benefit auction, donating multiple pieces of furniture at this event each year. They have also been a strong support for their local fire department over the years. 

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