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We Love What We Do

H&P Hardwoods is sustainably sourced from locally salvaged trees. David and Toni enjoy cutting trees of various strengths and grains into live edge slabs, preserving what they believe is the most natural and beautiful part of a tree.

“It’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get.” –Toni

David & Toni are able to pull many trees from brush piles or from pastures where storms have blown trees and/or large limbs to the ground. People may be improving their land and need to cut down a tree or two or a tree may need to be removed for safety reasons. By picking up this timber and utilizing it, David & Toni feel that they are providing a service that helps everyone involved. Otherwise most of these trees get burned, left to decompose, or pushed into a ditch.

Not all trees can be saved, however. Over the years, a variety of objects have been found during the cutting process—bullets, chains, nails, a pocket knife, and gate hinges to name a few. These items can be costly to cut out. Trees can also be infested with bugs causing the wood to lose its tenacious strength and must be wasted.

The part that David & Toni enjoy the most about the wood business is being able to turn their client’s dreams into reality. Toni says: “Bring your own family tree and let us cut it into the family table you have been dreaming about”.

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